Exporting/extracting snippets from Google Docs

Step 1: Check that you have the right tools

Make sure you have; a Sorc'd account, the Sorc'd browser extension, and the Sorc'd for Docs add-on.  If any of this sounds foreign, click on the links to take an action.

Step 2: Activate the add-on

Google Docs requires that you open add-ons upon each new document. To do this, simply go to the Add-on tab on the top, Sorc'd for Docs, and then click on Sorc'd.

Google add on docs_enabling the add on.png

Step 3: Highlight and export

Once the add-on is activated, a task pane on the right-hand side will appear within your Google Doc. Here you will find all of your Sorc'd snippets. If you do not see any snippets, go to this page to learn how to troubleshoot this issue.

Highlight the snippet from within the document that you want to export. Click on the Export “+” sign in the sidebar, then, voila, post directly to your Sorc’d account – where you can easily recall it, import into new content, share it with colleagues or directly on social outlets.

The path to your document will automatically be linked to the post, so be sure to save the document on a shared drive if you are working with a team.

Learn how to import snippets into your Google Docs from your Sorc'd account here.