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A digital highlighter that allowed people to save the most important pieces of their everyday reads, then they could save a lot of time not re-searching through articles and emails they had already read...Emily and Bob were determined to make Sorc’d a successful solution with practical purposes that people could actually use on a daily basis. Read entire article on

CASE STUDY: Rise Interactive builds more effective pitches faster


CASE STUDY: Rise Interactive

Build more effective pitches faster using knowledge base of relevant information that caters to clients

“Well-trained professionals know that keeping up on industry trends and news is a must. Sorc'd makes it easy to collect snippets of information you find interesting, and builds a shared repository for teams that seamlessly integrates into their content with a single click.”– Bob Girolamo, Sorc'd


Award-winning digital marketing agency, Rise Interactive services many industries and verticals with unique needs. In order to address the needs of prospective clients, they cater their presentations and proposal using relevant information as supportive evidence. They needed an easy way to save and share this information with the entire team, and have access to it for use within their pitches.


Through Sorc'd solutions, Rise team members were able to easily save snippets of information they deemed noteworthy to an online, shared repository. Both private team and public snippets were accessible to the team from a Sorc'd account, and seamlessly integrated into Powerpoint, Word, and Excel documents using an add-in from the Apps Store. With a single click, team members could cite and source snippets of research from the task pane.


- Create more effective, authentic and relevant content more efficiently. - Improve information sharing across teams and disciplines with limited budget and resources.