Billions of content pieces created and shared daily

One way to recall what’s important

– 500 billion pieces of shared content,
– 500 million posted tweets, and
– Data equivalent to 174 newspapers

Now, there’s a simple way to save what’s important to you. And weed out what’s not.

“Fortune 500 companies lose $30+ billion a year by failing to share knowledge.”

Share and build on your team’s findings

Seventy-six percent of executives consider information
their company’s most important asset, yet 91% of
professionals admit deleting work e-mail without fully reading.

Build a repository of valuable information that can be easily
shared and accessed, and break down the information silos.

“Creating quality content isn’t easy, especially when it comes to working across a number of departments to gather data and insights. Having a tool like Sorc’d that allows us to collaborate and share insights more efficiently really helps us stay on task and deliver a better product.”

– Peter Herrnreiter, VP, Digital Marketing & Measurement, Imagination

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“Professionals spend an average of 9+ hours EVERY WEEK searching and gathering information.”

Work smarter, not harder

Easily collect and organize your snippets you find interesting
Save and recall specific snippets of information from anywhere online. No need to go back and re-read an entire article or try to remember where you saw a great stat.

Sorc’d provides a digital highlighter that allows you to easily save and organize snippets of information most relevant to you. Our goal is to make the process as simple and straight-forward as possible, and leverage technology as much as possible to do the heavy lifting of data management and sharing.

How it works
Simply highlight snippets you think are interesting and save to your cloud-based library. Source them later for content building, sales presentations, whitepapers, infographics, press releases, or anything that may require supporting evidence.

Break down information silos by sharing relevant information.

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Never forget where you read something interesting again.

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“62% of professionals say their quality of work may suffer because they can’t sort information fast enough”

Find digestible snippets of information, not entire articles

Efficient recall, effective results
You spend a lot of time reading through trade publications, or industry-specific blogs on social networks, and more. This is great because you have a better understanding about what’s going on, but when it comes to remembering the pieces that are relevant, you may forget or can’t remember where you found it.

How it works
Your cloud-based Sorc’d account holds snippets from you, your team and our community. You can filter by post type, category, tag, favorites or simply search for what you are looking for.

Break down information silos by sharing relevant information.

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Never forget where you read something interesting again.

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“Sorc’d users boost productivity by 30% and more”

Don’t add another process, just enhance the one you have

Strengthen your writing by integrating snippets directly from within Office or Google
Find, cite and source relevant snippets from Sorc’d, directly from within Microsoft Office with the Office Add-in or Google Drive with Google Docs Add-on.

How it works
After enabling the Sorc’d add-in or add-on from within a document, a task pane comes up on the right-hand side with all the features and functionalities of Sorc’d. Filter snippets and add those that are relevant with a single click. You can choose to show the source URL after the snippet or build it into the citation.

Exporting snippets of information from documents is just as easy. Hit the “Export” button and the highlighted text will be saved in your cloud-based Sorc’d account.

Tools for Microsoft Office tools for Google Drive

Easily integrate research snippets from your team into wherever you are creating.

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All of your relevant research at your fingertips

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