– this “completion of paper” moment brought to you by Sorc’d

How it works

Highlight & save

interesting pieces of information as you read. Links to entire context are automatically build it.

STEP 1: Install the free Chrome extension to highlight and save snippets to the cloud.

Build a cloud-based repository

of snippets and discover new ones from others

STEP 2: Create an online account to hold all of your snippets and access them anywhere from online
 Basic I Premium

Cite & source

any Sorc’d snippets with a single click while writing

STEP 3: Install add-ons for Microsoft Office or Google Docs & Google Sheets to seamlessly integrate your account as a task pane while writing

Set up an account and we’ll walk you through the set-up.  Get the Chrome extension for easy highlighting and saving. Then install the add-ons while in any Microsoft OfficeGoogle Docs or Google Sheets document. Using all three services means saving hours of research every week.

Looking for step-by-step instructions for writing a research paper? Check out these writing tips from the Writing Center.

Top reasons students love Sorc’d

I spend less time

“I don’t have to reread research. I just snip what I think is interesting and move on.”
– Hailie, Rockford University

I have more time to
develop my thesis

“My research is at my fingertips. I filter and find exactly what I am looking for, so I can spend less time finding the research and more time developing my thesis.”
– Jackie, Adler University, Clinical Mental Health

I have time to focus on improving my writing

“I knew my subject, but writing about it was another story. With Sorc’d, I can easily add the research I’ve found most important and spend more time on improving my writing.”
– Teri, Erikson Institute

Create stronger papers, faster

Cite and source with ease

Add snippets of information you’ve found interesting to your papers with a single click. Links to sources are automatically built in.

Use within Chrome, Microsoft Office and Outlook, and Google Docs and Google Sheets

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