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online research and writing tool, Sorc’d

Research and writing tools for research paper writing

Snipping tools capture most important parts of information across platforms

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Cloud-based account centralizes their research

Best add ons Google, add ins Microsoft

Integrations with Microsoft and Google enable citing and sourcing with one click

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Why students and teachers love Sorc’d

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Improves their writing

“Sorc’d gives me more time to focus on my writing skills and developing my thesis, instead of getting bogged down looking for research.”
- Teresa G., Erikson Institute

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Enables them to collaborate with their team

“Sorc’d makes it easy to share findings with my colleagues, allowing us to create better founded ideas.”
- Jackie S., Adler University

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Allows them to work across platforms

“I love that I can work in whatever format - Word, Docs, Powerpoint, Keynote - and all of my research is there.”
- Hailie C., Rockford University


Use code “BetterResearch” for discount on annual plan.